Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand is based on a lecture course given by Leonard Peikoff in 1976 entitled “The Philosophy of Objectivism.”

The lectures were attended by Ayn Rand, who helped prepare part of them and also joined Peikoff in answering questions.

Ayn Rand said of these lectures:

“Until or unless I write a comprehensive treatise on my philosophy, Dr. Peikoff’s course is the only authorized presentation of the entire theoretical structure of Objectivism — that is, the only one that I know of my own knowledge to be fully accurate.”

Dr. Peikoff, Ayn Rand’s legal heir and foremost interpreter, reveals the abstract fundamentals of Objectivism and its practical applications in the everyday world. He covers every branch of philosophy recognized by Rand and every philosophic topic that she regarded as important — from certainty to money, from logic to art, from measurement to sex.

Illustrated with quotes from her published works, complete with an abundance of new material that Ayn Rand offered only in private conversations with Peikoff, these clear, cogent chapters illuminate Objectivism — and its creator — with startling clarity.

Now the millions of readers who have been transformed by Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead will discover the full philosophical system underlying Ayn Rand’s stories about life “as it might be and ought to be.”




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